Give your customers reasons to be joyful this Christmas

Consumers now expect more services in ecommerce companies, such as wrapping and direct-delivery. Here is how you can optimize the movement of your goods to support this demand.

With travel restrictions and social distancing, many families will be spending their holidays away from their loved ones.  

The act of gifting is now more implicated with the supply chain. No longer are consumers looking to simply buy their presents online—now, they are also looking to have presents wrapped, personalized, and shipped to their loved ones. They will also be expecting their presents to arrive on time.

All of these will involve more movement of goods from one place to another. Ecommerce companies will need to have more powerful logistical capabilities to support this trend.  

According to Deloitte, e-commerce sales are expected to surge by 25% to 35% (compared to 14.7% in 2019). With the demand for e-commerce increasing this year, preparation is key to maximize your operational capacity.   

But with so many variablethat are out of your control, how can you move your goods efficiently 

Minimize address errors 

Prevent journeys back and forth at your own time and expense by having accurate addresses. Currently, there are technologies that read, verify, and correct inaccuracies in addresses.  

Depending on how powerful the technology is, more inaccuracies can be detected and corrected. Our geocoding technology improves address accuracy approximately 30% more than standard geocoders. 

Optimize your on-the-road time 

Trucks travel very long distances over the festive seasonlonger than the distance between Earth and Jupiter.  By planning your routes in a smarter way, you can cut this down and reach your destinations faster.

Why invest in a good route optimization technology when there are free routing services? 

A good route optimization technology can generate the most optimized routes based on your needs and requirements.   

How does it do it?

It translates your needs into parameters or variables. A good route optimization technology factors in these parameters and generates the best routes accordingly.

For example, if you are concerned about your delivery time, you can factor in the time needed to deal with miscellaneous activities, such as walking up to the customers doors or ringing their doorbell. With our route optimization technology, LogisticsEngine, this is accounted for as the duration of your tasks 

In countries where snow and rain greatly affect delivery capabilities, our routing technology can also factor those in as weather conditions.

Additionally, with a good routing technology, you can do end-to-end optimization—instead of just focusing on the first or last mile—as it factors in the different hubs. With our multi mile allocation, for example, you can do precisely this and optimize your operations further.

Hence, unlike free routing services which have limited capacity to factor in a wide range of parameters, a powerful route optimization technology can provide more configurable solutions to your business.   

Gain more control over your logistical operations by minimizing address errors and optimizing your routes. Our address correction and route optimization technologies can help you with that.  

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