Grow a greener supply chain

Implementing sustainable supply chain practices won’t disrupt your operations and will make them more efficient. Our supply chain and logistics technology leverages automation, animation, and end-to-end visibility to transform your operations.
of an organization's total greenhouse gas emissions come from their supply chain
of a US truck drivers’ maximum drive time is wasted idling

“FreightLab Co-Director Gives Expert Testimony on Improving Trucking Capacity at Congressional Hearing,” Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT, December 1, 2021),

$3 billion
is the annual cost carriers pay for loading and unloading wait times

Naomi J. Dunn et al., “Driver Detention Times in Commercial Motor Vehicle Operations,” Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation, December 2014),

of consumers consider a company’s sustainability efforts significant when making a purchase
223 tons
(201834 kg) of carbon dioxide are released per year by the average truck

Technology to drive supply chain sustainability

Digitizing your operations reduces your carbon footprint. Quincus’ integrative platform uses automation to minimize delays and mistakes, while supporting informed, sustainable decisions.

Minimize fuel usage

Manage and evaluate your fuel usage. With in-depth driver behavior and route data, our platform optimizes fuel usage with every delivery you complete.

  • Detect and eliminate idling
  • Reduce mileage
  • Consolidate shipments for fewer journeys
  • Automate rules to prioritize fuel efficiency

Reduce costs and dwell time

Our holistic, AI-driven platform identifies barriers and bottlenecks. With greater visibility, you can address environmental impact and cost issues.

  • Dispatch optimal trucks for shorter journeys
  • Minimize lengthy detention and dwell times
  • Reduce waste from food and sensitive material spoilage

Eliminate paper waste

Supply chains suffer from human error, poor visibility, and inefficiency without digital solutions. That’s on top of rising costs and dwindling supplies that make paper-based processes unsustainable. Eliminate paper and manual errors with our end-to-end digital solution.

  • Digitally transform your processes
  • Reduce human error
  • Decrease manual labor
  • Leverage digital planning

How we help

of total distance reduced
improvement in address accuracy
reduction in required resources
25,000+ miles
saved daily
4,000+ kg
of CO2 saved daily

The supply chain data you need to drive sustainability

Improve your supply chain and logistics performance with the most efficient supply chain digitization solution. Let’s modernize your logistics operations—with a green focus.