Remove complexity


Automatically verify and correct shipping addresses in seconds. Our machine learning algorithm corrects addresses in developed and emerging markets to allow you to focus on delivering to verified addresses, only.


Global coverage

Translations are supported by a database of more than 1.2 billion addresses, covering more than 120 regions and 50 languages.

Verify and correct thousands of addresses in real time

Rapid, real-time batch processing for verifying, correcting and translating addresses.

Minimize failed delivery errors

Eliminate unnecessary redeliveries and optimize your drivers’ time by ensuring that addresses are correct before assigning deliveries.

Reduce shipment delays

Avoid delays by only delivering to verified and corrected addresses.

Operate in emerging markets

Our geocoding technology helps you overcome the non-standardized addresses and complex geography prevalent in developing countries.


Fast and Accurate Address Completion

Verifies, corrects, and completes addresses with up to 3 times more accuracy in complex markets compared to other geocoding technologies currently available in the market.

Machine learning

Accuracy and speed improve as our address database grows with more usage

GeoEngine API

Seamlessly integrate GeoEngine to your own technologies to accurately find and correct addresses in real time.

See how the GeoEngine can save you time in verifying, and cleaning addresses in bulk

Ensure your drivers only spend time delivering packages that matter.

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