Provide the best customer service

Give your customers the retail experience they expect with real-time tracking updates while you have full control of your supply chain with end-to-end insights. Quincus’ E-Commerce Solution establishes trust and reliability for your brand.

E-commerce industry challenges

Inaccurate inventory levels
Unreliable product delivery
Errors caused by manual operations
Lack of delivery visibility

Customer notifications

Notify your customers when there’s a delivery delay or disruption. Keep customers up-to-date with our Track-and-Trace Map.

Order management

Seamlessly organize bulk shipments and consolidate orders for quicker delivery. With accurate insights into your inventory, Quincus balances inbound and outbound flows and promotes data-backed decision-making.

Automated operations

The more data, the more targeted the results. Quincus collects insights from your daily operations and automatically translates them into continuous improvements in real-time.

Cost efficiency

Improve operational efficiency with Quincus. Eliminate errors that result from manual operations.

Customer Portal

Give complete visibility to your customers with milestone updates, real-time delivery information, and proof of delivery.