Life at Quincus

Where there’re people, there’s culture. Here at Quincus, we believe in uplifting everyone and working together as a team—only then can we be the best of what we are.

Our values

Q Squad​

The core team structure that grows through cross-pollination.


Be systematic in your own creativity which defines our uniqueness.


Delivering cutting edge technology for our client’s logistics and supply chain problems


Level of quality and care for both our clients and family members.

Our focus

Here are some of our initiatives that we are doing to strengthen communities, improve overall health, and reduce burnouts.


Promoting the personal and professional development through monthly sessions where women share experience and discuss ideas.

Q Health&Fitness

Supporting and challenging one another in the pursuit of physical and mental well-being.

Q Academy

Building a learning-for-all culture in which everyone is encouraged and inspired to continue learning.

Q Business

Expanding our knowledge on our business with teammate-led presentations.

Q Townhall

Expanding our knowledge and keeping updated on the latest business and department news.

Q Casual

Brainstorming, innovating, and competing among ourselves to build stronger teams.

Unlimited Annual Leave

We believe in recharging our batteries and encouraging all Quincans to take time off from work when needed without worrying about the number of leaves they have.

Health & Wellness Incentive

An incentive to support Quincans to engage in self-care activities such as massages, spa, counseling services, and more!

Quincan stories

What better way to learn about our culture than through stories from our team? Get to know their roles, how it’s like working in Quincus, and connect with them on their social media!

Join our team

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