Life at Quincus

Here at Quincus, we believe in uplifting everyone and working together as a team—only then can we be the best of what we are.
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Values Quincus

Q Squad
Working efficiently across teams, enabling everyone to grow together.
Being your true, unique self in how you do things.
Delivering change and challenging the status quo.
Just being a downright exceptional individual.

Who We Are

We’re an international team of supply chain pioneers with a global view on logistics operations. Our team makes data-backed decisions based on years of direct experience handling supply chain problems. Here at Quincus, we believe in uplifting individuals and working together as a team.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to make global logistics smarter. Quincus enables companies to build a digital supply chain with shareable data across internal and external stakeholders, helping to reduce shipping costs and core manual logistics processes to achieve transparency across different modes of transportation and legs of movement.


Q Academy
Building an encouraging and inspiring culture where everyone can continue learning and improving
Empowering and promoting personal and professional development through monthly sessions where women share experience and discuss ideas.
Health and fitness
Supporting and challenging one another in the pursuit of physical and mental well- being.
Global community
Uplifting and celebrating diversity throughout our organization. We hold virtual sessions to acknowledge the festivals of all our cultures around the world!


Unlimited annual leave
Recharging our batteries without the need for leave tracking systems.
Health insurance
Covering us when we need it most.
Work-life balance
Enjoying flexible working hours and choosing location you want to work from.
Health and wellness incentive
Encouraging self-care through massages, spas, counselling services and more.
Professional growth and development
Helping everyone learning & growing in career
Transportation and meal allowance
Supporting Quincus’ family for a balance work life.

Quincus in Numbers


Quincan stories

Yulia Simonova: Solving the puzzle of visual communication
Our Graphic Designer shares what it means to be a design professional in the world of logistics and how she tackles the challenge of translating data into compelling visuals.
Jocelyn Cheok: Standing up for the user’s needs
Our UX Designer shares what brought her from the world of architecture to UX design and logistics, and what it means to work on products from both a visual and useability standpoint.
Trapti Sharma: Constant learning and making a real impact
Our Software Engineer shares her experiences coming to software development from an engineering background, and what she finds meaningful about working on supply chain technology.

Why Quincus?

Join our team of passionate, intelligent, and entrepreneurial go-getters that are modernizing supply chain operations from end-to-end. Our digitized solution solves the most challenging supply chain issues, improving the performance of some of the biggest players in logistics.
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