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The Power of Automation: Unleashing the Full Potential of Logistics through Artificial Intelligence

Written by Christophe Pennetier

From automation to real-time insights, explore how AI is reshaping logistics, empowering companies to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.


A delivery worker wearing a red vest carries a crate of fresh vegetables at a market.
Online orders, grocery delivery, and other “new normals” 
The COVID-19 pandemic caught the population by surprise, no one was ready for a global disruption to movements and day-to-day life. As the pandemic rolls on, every aspect of our lives has changed, including the way we fulfil their needs and how we shop. 
El efecto del “día siguiente” 
El mercado del e-commerce ha sido uno de los más importantes y con mayor crecimiento a nivel global en los útlimos años.
A green delivery van courier vehicle drives on a highway through a green forest
The AI-driven path to sustainable logistics: A new paradigm in logistics
Part four of our sustainability series in which we explore how AI, machine learning, and more work toward the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
A white electric vehicle is parked at a charging station. A black hose connects the car to a charging port with a neon light.
Can electric vehicle supply chains survive?
As global warming effects become harder to ignore, countries are turning to more environmentally friendly alternatives to combat climate change. One effort involves conservation in the use of fossil fuels.  
Unconventional Delivery Methods and Their Last-Mile Benefits
As package volumes grow, the coming years may see companies turning to unconventional delivery methods such as bikes, skateboards, and drones to curb last-mile costs and improve sustainability.
How Technology Will Help UK Supply Chains Beat Brexit and COVID-19
The double crises of Brexit and COVID-19 have shown the UK’s supply chains that technology-driven optimization is the key to overcoming current roadblocks and seizing future opportunities.