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Ensure you reach retailers with our logistics management software solutions. We know how quickly stock can change and our platform will efficiently manage your inbound and outbound flows.

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We help Consumer Product Manufacturer logistics companies across a wide range of sub-verticals to see, understand, act, and learn real-time information from their entire ecosystem.

Food and Beverage
Wholesale Distribution
Home & Personal Care
Furniture & Appliances
Apparel & Footwear
Consumer Electronics

Our core capabilities

Order management

Seamlessly organize bulk shipments to replenish stock. With accurate inventory insights, Quincus balances inbound and outbound flows and promotes data-backed decision-making.

Delivery visibility

By leveraging comprehensive analytics throughout your supply chain, you can guarantee your products will reach distributors on time. Quincus provides a single source of truth with real-time visibility enabling distributors to track location statuses.

Automated international pricing

Expand your product reach while our global supply chain platform configures and automates all complex pricing.

Route optimization

Increase efficiency by automating and optimizing routes. Quincus intuitively reroutes and updates driver assignments using advanced machine learning technology. Reach more customers per day while saving on fuel, labor, and vehicle maintenance.

Multimodal efficiency

Facilitate end-to-end visibility for each transportation mode in your supply chain—from road to ocean to air—without missing a beat.

Case study

Regional FMCG distributor streamlines fleet by one-third

By automating and optimizing route generation, Quincus products helped create a leaner, more efficient fleet that required 33% fewer vehicles and achieved 50% more stops per vehicle, along with capacity improvements in terms of weight and volume utilization.
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