Spotlight on the Impactful Women at Quincus

Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Discover the inspiring women driving growth and innovation at Quincus in celebration of International Women's Day. Join us in an exclusive interview with Katherina Lacey, Fon Supannakul, Katrina Hooper, Anna Yue, Manmeet Kaur, and Komal Arora.

On International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on some of the inspiring women of Quincus who have been instrumental in the growth of Quincus. Meet Katherina Lacey, Fon Supannakul, Katrina Hooper, Anna Yue, Manmeet Kaur, and Komal Arora in this exclusive interview, as they share their journeys, overcome challenges, and offer advice for young women eyeing careers in the male-dominated fields of technology and logistics. Their experiences are a powerful motivator, showing that success knows no gender boundaries in pursuing innovation and leadership.

Get to know the Women of Quincus

Quincus proudly celebrates the highly skilled women leading and innovating across different departments. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity has not only enriched our workplace but also empowered these remarkable women to excel and assume pivotal roles within the company.

Executive Leadership

Katherina Lacey: Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, popularly known as ‘Kat’, is instrumental in steering Quincus’ strategy, operations, and marketing. Her versatile skill set enables her to address various company needs, optimize efficiency, and build a collaborative work environment, all while tackling strategic challenges head-on.

Fon Supannakul: As Chief Product Officer, Fon is crucial in defining the product’s direction, vision, and strategy. Her leadership ensures the team is equipped with the latest logistics expertise, best practices, and trends, guiding the development and delivery of innovative products.

Research and Innovation

Katrina Hooper: An exceptional research scientist, Katrina is dedicated to developing Multi-Modal Engine models that elevate Quincus’ offerings. Her commitment to turning innovative ideas into practical solutions plays a pivotal role in solving complex problems, offering coding advice, and ensuring the timely completion of tasks.

Anna Yue: Also a standout in our research department, Anna’s passion for AI and innovation drives her to contribute significantly to our product enhancement. Her work in developing cutting-edge technologies is crucial for bringing new innovations to the company.

Technology and Development

Manmeet Kaur: As a Testing Engineer, Manmeet enhances the quality of our products through automated testing and effective project management. Her meticulous work ensures our software solutions are both reliable and high-performing.

Komal Arora: Our Backend Developer, Komal, focuses on crafting user-friendly features and keeping abreast of the latest developments in Ruby on Rails. Her commitment to technical excellence is key to our success in delivering superior tech solutions.

Q1: Navigating Challenges: Lessons from Professional Journeys

Reflecting on your professional journey, what challenges have you encountered, and how did you navigate through them? 

In this dynamic world of technology and logistics, challenges are a dime a dozen. Yet, it’s the resilience and determination to overcome these obstacles that truly define a professional’s career trajectory. The women at Quincus embody this very spirit of perseverance, sharing their unique experiences and the strategies they’ve employed to navigate through professional hurdles.

Despite varied backgrounds, these women’s unwavering resilience is a common thread. They’ve tackled everything from imposter syndrome and gender biases to transitioning between vastly different fields. Their stories are a testament to the power of hard work, continuous learning, and the invaluable support of mentors and colleagues.

Katrina shares her journey from physics to computer science, a transition met with skepticism. Her success story is one of hard work and dedication, proving her skeptics wrong by excelling in her new field.

Komal speaks to the challenges of tight deadlines and complex technical requirements. Her approach? Continuous learning and leveraging the strength of collaboration to navigate through demanding projects.

Katherina discusses how recognizing her achievements and seeking professional guidance helped her overcome self-doubt and become a stronger leader.

Q2: Empowering the Next Generation: Advice for Young Women in Male-Dominated Industries

As a female leader, what advice will you give younger women aspiring to start their careers in this male-dominated technology and logistics space based on your experiences?

Entering a male-dominated industry can be daunting, yet the women of Quincus serve as pillars of strength and inspiration, proving that barriers are meant to be broken. Their collective advice embodies a blend of courage, resilience, and self-care, guiding young women to enter and excel in the fields of technology and logistics.

Manmeet encourages young women to “Follow your passion fearlessly and be confident. Don’t let gender biases or prejudices stop you from pursuing a career in this fascinating field.” Her words underscore the importance of self-belief and determination in overcoming societal hurdles.

Fon highlights the power of active listening and dedication, advising to “give your best in every professional scenario.” Her emphasis on listening as a skill reflects its value in understanding, learning, and eventually leading in the workspace.

Katherina urges women to “appreciate your uniqueness.” Her advice is a reminder that individual differences are strengths, not weaknesses, in the mosaic of a diverse workplace.

Komal stresses the importance of “self-care, setting boundaries, and engaging in activities outside of work.” A balanced life is crucial for long-term success and personal well-being, especially in demanding careers.

Q3: Striking a Balance: Work-Life Strategies of a Quincus Leader

Given your critical role as a higher-up in Quincus, what strategies do you employ to maintain a healthy work-life balance? 

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is paramount for the well-being and productivity of our leaders. The women at Quincus share a unified strategy for achieving this balance, emphasizing intentionality in their professional and personal lives.

The core of it is their commitment to effective time management, setting clear boundaries, and regular self-care routines. By prioritizing tasks and allocating dedicated time to work and personal activities, they ensure that both areas receive the attention they deserve.

Komal highlights the essence of their approach: “The key is to balance professional duties with personal fulfillment.” This mantra serves as a guide for blending career ambitions with personal happiness and well-being.

Anna focuses on self-care, advising the importance of “getting good sleep daily, exercising regularly, and staying hydrated.” These fundamental practices are crucial for maintaining energy and focus, both at work and at home.

Q4: Advocating Equality: Initiatives for Women in Tech and Logistics

International Women’s Day is centered around raising awareness about gender equality, inclusivity, and women’s rights, amongst other key issues. What initiatives would you like to see implemented to support women in the technology and logistics industries?

International Women’s Day emphasizes the vital issues of gender equality, inclusivity, and women’s rights, advocating for initiatives that enable women in technology and logistics to excel. The women at Quincus, suggest actionable steps to break down barriers and promote empowerment within these fields.

At the heart of their recommendations is the call for specialized skill set training workshops and exclusive professional opportunities tailored for women, underpinned by a firm advocacy for equal pay. Such initiatives are seen as foundational to empowering women in technology and supply chain sectors and across the corporate landscape.

Anna shares the significance of community, proposing more women-in-tech events. These gatherings are crucial for building networks, sharing knowledge, and offering mutual support, thereby strengthening the fabric of the female workforce in tech.

Komal champions the cause of education, emphasizing the necessity of ensuring access for girls and women at all levels. Education is the cornerstone of empowerment, equipping women with the tools to navigate and excel in these industries.

Manmeet calls for a cultural and structural shift within organizations, urging leaders to actively dismantle gender biases that obstruct women’s progress. Her stance highlights the need for systemic changes to create a more equitable playing field for all.

Q5: Guided by Icons: Inspirational Female Leaders

Do you have any global female icon whose influence has shaped your approach to leadership and success?

The women at Quincus draw inspiration from a diverse array of female leaders, showcasing the wide-ranging impact these figures have on individuals across different roles within the company.

Komal admires Ada Lovelace for her pioneering work in computing and finds inspiration in contemporary leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg and Ginni Rometty. Additionally, Komal looks up to Quincus’s co-founder, Katherina, emphasizing the importance of having role models who advocate for women in tech close to home.

Manmeet is influenced by Louise Lynn Hay’s teachings on the power of thoughts, beliefs, and self-love for personal healing. This approach underscores the significance of nurturing one’s mental and emotional well-being alongside professional achievements.

Fon shares a different perspective, noting that she hasn’t drawn inspiration from a single global icon. Instead, she values the collective influence of colleagues, community experiences, and the unwavering support of her family. This highlights the idea that inspiration can come from a variety of sources, not just public figures.


The wealth of experiences these women bring translates into invaluable advice for young women aspiring to break the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Quincus remains at the forefront of championing diversity, acknowledging women’s vital role in shaping the industry, and actively providing a platform for their voices to be heard and celebrated. It is our collective belief as an organization that together, we all can build a better future where everyone succeeds and makes a positive impact on the world.

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