Founded in 2014, with headquarters in Singapore, Quincus is built on solving real-time supply chain operations that businesses face when shipping in regions such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, UAE across the globe.

We are committed to creating supply chain solutions using smarter technology and personalized user experience to eliminate traditional and expensive logistic options. We deliver simple, transparent and cost-effective ways to manage your supply chain.

We Build Your Company Around
Custom Driven Solutions

We tailor custom solutions, big and small. Even if there is an existing system in place, we can reconfigure basic functions and integrate our solutions with your systems to improve existing operations by choosing the exact piece of technology to fit your supply chain.

We support you on every step of the process from tech support to managing logistic operations. We are happy to run workshops and simulations for you and your team to get you started. Please get in touch with us to discuss the benefits of what we can do for your region.

All-Round Teamwork

Our team, with an extensive industry experience, has built a platform that helps to manage supply chain networks across different markets. Our solutions are a perfect fit for your business and customer parameters.

We help reduce the manual workload using our solution to automate and build real-date strategic decisions for your logistics.

Customer Support

For each delivery, whether it is from the business or the logistics side, we take pride in providing an excellent front-face for your business.

We will train your team and developers on how to provide excellent customer support and resolve any issues immediately.