Remove complexity


Build and automate your operations and deliveries for the multi-mile journey by optimizing for numerous factors: - Package origin, destination - Order priority - Warehouse operating hours - Schedules - Routes - Fleet availability - Operational constraints - Total cost


Real World Constraints

Our technology factors in more than 50 real-world constraints (such as road conditions, traffic) to work out the most cost-efficient way to allocate and route each of your orders.

Increased Fleet capacity utilization

Better allocation and routing for improved productivity, which allows you to use your fleet capacity more efficiently.

Customize for your parameters

Our technology is flexible and can be adapted for your unique operational and customer requirements.

Lower cost per delivery

Your vehicles and drivers will spend less time on the road - bringing down fuel costs, maintenance costs, and overtime hours.


LogisticsEngine API

Fully API-enabled to integrate with third-party services and existing network providers.

Real-time optimization algorithm

Routes are updated from on-ground conditions and service statuses and sent to drivers in real time.

Multi-mile allocation

Ability to optimize single and multi-depot networks, point-to-point models, as well as mixed models for cost, time, utilization, transportation modes, distance, and capacity.

Smarter Routes

Routes are created and optimized for your operational and customer parameters from historical data and real time conditions.

Let technology work for you

Our LogisticsEngine does the thinking for you. Find the most cost efficient routes to operate each step of your supply chain - from start to finish.

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