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Singapore’s next steps for innovation rely on people and talent

Singapore's national day is here. Quincus AI knows the importance of hiring, training, and leading highly skilled scientists in the future of global innovation. We bridge opportunities for AI between Singapore and North America.

“We’ve got to make the small things unforgettable.”   

Steve Jobs  

August 9th, 1965—the day Singapore achieved independence. Since its founding, the country has had tremendous growth and development. Fifty-seven intense years made it one of the most globally advanced and technologically forward-thinking countries. It’s home to all the major tech firms and banks. It’s where Quincus was founded. But, none of these developments would be what they are without talent—and now, the pressure is on to attract the right talent quickly. 

Singapore’s business success drives demand for tech experts 

The real issue for Singapore—a politically charged issue thwarted by visa policies—is the need for talent both immediately and in the near future. 

Singapore has done the work of attracting investors and major businesses. The Singaporean government has an extraordinary capability to adapt quickly. Now, its focus has shifted to migrating senior talent to seed a new generation of young entrepreneurs and academics within the country. At Quincus, we align with the ambitions of our headquarter country. 

Building a future of innovation with fresh talent 

We believe in talent, but we go one step further. Rather than hunting for “Jedi Masters”, we believe that, even at an early growth stage, we can gather the conditions to source and develop a new generation of talents worldwide.  

How so?

By focusing on ambitious, impactful, and meaningful AI-driven innovations. In other (geeky) words, we take the riskier bet to find the “Anakins” of this world, not the “Obi-Wans”. Then, we focus on building an environment of success that keeps them on the bright side of the force.  

We built Quincus AI with that strategy in mind. In Toronto, our team of scientists tackles critical AI challenges beyond logistics including (but not limited to) generalization in deep RL, MARL, imitation learning, and human-AI collaboration. Our team works to apply these features to build end-to-end visibility in logistical networks.   

Quincus’ global bridge for AI innovations 

Our long-term vision and strategy for the future of logistics allow us to hire, train, and lead highly skilled scientists. As VP of AI Science and Research, my top mission is to provide mentorship and career guidance to a team of brilliant minds. I work to create structures, systems, and organizations that allow research scientists to grow and blossom.  

Quincus AI bridges Singapore and North America. For one year starting in August, our Toronto team welcomes two brilliant students from the National University of Singapore (NUS). These two innovators are part of the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) program. They are eager to build and learn with us as part of the blooming frenzy of Quincus AI. 

May the force of innovation, science, and knowledge be with you.  

Majulah Singapura 

Christophe Pennetier, VP of Research, Quincus

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