27 September 2021

#7: Untangling Cross-Border Logistics Knots with Technology

Cross-border shipping has always been fraught with greater complexities and uncertainties than domestic shipping. Customs delays, poor communication among the many parties involved, lack of reporting along the package journey, and other issues lead to late deliveries, low transparency, and general customer dissatisfaction.

As the logistics industry moves towards a full digitalization, how can cross-border shippers benefit? How are recent advances in data capture, machine learning, and other technologies solving old cross-border problems?

In this insightful webinar, hear directly from key leaders, including:

  • Arief Kurniawan, JNE Express – Commissioner
  • Chaminda Gunasekera, SEKO Logistics – Senior Director-Air Freight / ECommerce / Network Development: APAC & MEA

This webinar is hosted by Quincus Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Katherina Lacey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customs clearance is a data problem. 
  • Data and analytics help cut cross-border costs. 
  • Working with the right payments gateway is crucial. 
  • There is no visibility without digitalization and automation.