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Quincus Solutions are used by the world's largest supply chain companies to automate and optimize their end-to-end operations.
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How we bring value


Improve accuracy, reduce cost and manual work, and save time with automation and digitalization.

  • Dispatch management and space allocation
  • Complex pricing
  • Real-time data insights


Make informed decisions to adapt to real-time changes using advanced technology and data driven solutions.

  • Order consolidation
  • Real-time route optimization algorithm
  • Machine learning


Transform existing logistics management and easily communicate with customers through Quincus’ flexible APIs.

  • Single source of truth
  • Third party integration (WMS, ERP, dispatch management, payments)
  • GeoEngine and LogisticsEngine APIs


Get a real-time view of consolidated points and updates throughout every step of the supply chain.

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Location and milestone updates
  • Multiple keyword search and filter


Streamline processes across all forms of logistics transportation.

  • Real-time operational visibility
  • Resource management and allocation
  • Real world constraint optimization

Multi-mile technology

Manage and optimize complex multi stop operations in real-time.

  • Single and multi-depot network optimization
  • Multi-mile allocation
  • Point-to-point and mixed model optimization
2.4 billion+
deliveries completed
of costs cut
100 million+
miles saved

Case studies

The Quincus Delivery Solution optimized first-mile pickup with smart dispatch management and algorithmically driven route planning for our postal service customer. This enabled leaner, speedier parcel collection operations with 22% fewer resources while achieving 25% more stops per driver.

fewer resources
more stops per driver
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Poor shipment visibility limited our customer’s ability to track cargo and flight information. They struggled to schedule efficient dispatch pickup times and keep their customers informed. Quincus improved address accuracy by 51% while requiring 22% fewer resources.

more accurate addresses
fewer resources
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Quincus streamlined one grocery delivery service's operations by directing vehicles to their destinations more efficiently. Our platform enabled 50% more deliveries per hour, with 29% fewer fleet management resources.

more deliveries per hour
fewer fleet management resources
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Quincus products optimized fleet management, creating a more efficient dispatch operation that delivered 63% more delivery activity with 37% fewer resources.

more delivery activity
fewer resources
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