Grow a smart, connected supply chain ecosystem

Our enterprise SaaS platform resolves daily supply chain challenges throughout your entire network

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Our core platforms

Quincus makes your shipments faster and more reliable by automating manual tasks and optimizing your operations. Powered by advanced technology, data analytics, and our team’s hands-on experience, our modules are configured to suit your unique business model. We are here to help you navigate away from expensive traditional logistics.

Open API

Seamlessly and securely connect with applications and existing vendors to manage your current infrastructure across all systems. Quincus will be your single source of truth.


Run predictive analyses to take preventive action, or use historical data to identify existing problems that require corrective action. Quincus aggregates millions of data points from various sources to inform your analyses.

Real-time optimization

Optimize your operations based on real-time information. This way, your team is working in the smartest way at all times.

Tailored to your specific needs

We configure our platform to suit your needs with 8 independently deployable modules covering a wide range of supply chain activities.

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