AI Orchestration for digital Supply Chain operations

Harness Real-Time Logistics Data: Achieve Transparency, Efficient Planning, and Streamlined Automation on a Single Platform

Digital Supply Chain Orchestration


More Data, More Visibility

Achieve higher accuracy, lower costs, and reduced manual work by implementing automated data-sharing coordination.

  • Optimize your workflow by seamlessly integrating our APIs with your existing vendor platforms, boosting your operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Harness real-time data capture, ensuring your information is awlays up-to-date, making informed decisions based on the latest insights. 
  • Simplify the implementation process to reduce complexity, saving time, and enhancing operational agility.
  • Enhance visibility, providing you with a comprehensive view of your data and processes, empowering better and data-driven decision-making.


Logistics Management

Enhance operational efficiency and accuracy across multiple transportation modes for the first, middle, and last mile, using the power of AI to optimize your processes and maximize your performance.

  • Optimise vehicle and driver management, reduce job assignment errors and cut fuel costs with real-time route optimization powered by our advanced algorithms, ensuring precise deliveries, and elevating overall supply chain accuracy.
  • Enhance supply chain operational efficiency and accuracy through AI-driven job assignment and allocation logic, effectively reducing inefficiencies and optimizing processes.
  • Leverage our AI's natural language processing capabilities for auto-address corrections, ensuring prceise deliveries and improving customer satisfaction and data precision. 


Scalable API Integration Solutions

Accelerate your connections and improve communication by using our API. Easily integrate and streamline communication across multiple channels, connecting with your customers, partners, or internal teams for seamless data sharing.

  • Save valuable time and resources with quick and efficient implementations.
  • Enahnce your capabilities and operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating with third-party systems, including WMS, ERP, TMS, and more.
  • Easily comply with external and internal criteria, ensuring smooth operations and compliant operations that drive success.


Shipment Lifecycle Transparency

Gain collaborative end-to-end visibility through a real-time control tower view, enabling you to navigate your operational data, encompassing day-to-day activities across your ecosystem and partners, all within one centralized location.

  • Enforce milestone activity tracking incorporating accountability, geotagging, and time stamps for improved accuracy and precision.
  • Foster consistent decision-making across all stakeholders involved, resulting in streamlined and efficient logistics operations.
  • Offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience that not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately strengthening your brand.


Streamlined Multi-Modal Operations

Maximize your supply chain efficiency with our AI- powered multi-modal logistics solution, improving flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Optimize each supply chain leg with the most efficient transportation mode.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your entire supply chain activity across facilities, partners, and transport modes for well-informed decision-making.
  • Mitigate risks, including delays, capacity constraints, and natural disasters, by diversifying transport modes.
  • Expand your customer base, access new markets, and foster business growth through the use of multiple transportation modes.
  • Ensure compliance by automatically selecting shipping services that align shipment criteria, resulting in reduced errors and minimized delays.
2.4 billion+
shipment journey completed
of operational costs cut
100 million+
miles saved

Case studies

The Quincus Delivery Solution optimized first-mile pickup with smart dispatch management and algorithmically driven route planning for our postal service customer. This enabled leaner, speedier parcel collection operations with 22% fewer resources while achieving 25% more stops per driver.

fewer resources
more stops per driver
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Poor shipment visibility limited our customer’s ability to track cargo and flight information. They struggled to schedule efficient dispatch pickup times and keep their customers informed. Quincus improved address accuracy by 51% while requiring 22% fewer resources.

more accurate addresses
fewer resources
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Quincus streamlined one grocery delivery service's operations by directing vehicles to their destinations more efficiently. Our platform enabled 50% more deliveries per hour, with 29% fewer fleet management resources.

more deliveries per hour
fewer fleet management resources
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Quincus products optimized fleet management, creating a more efficient dispatch operation that delivered 63% more delivery activity with 37% fewer resources.

more delivery activity
fewer resources
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