29 April 2021

#3: Building Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

How can environmental commitment towards a green supply chain create value?

In this insightful webinar, hear directly from key leaders on supply chain sustainability and resilience, including:

  • Martin Dudek, Quincus VP of Partnerships & Strategy
  • Dominic Rego, Logistics Executive Group Managing Director – APAC
  • Omar Stamboel, Westbike Messenger Service CEO

This panel is hosted by Quincus Chief Revenue Officer, Olivier Adam.

Key Takeaways:

  • The green supply chain is about responsibility, ethics, and supply chain efficiency.
  • Technology is key to maintaining productivity with the same assets while reducing environmental impact.
  • Parties and vendors must work together to optimize existing assets while ensuring accountability.
  • Companies must account for a country’s infrastructural maturity level before adopting technology.
  • Technology can drive 20-30% cost reductions, which companies can then utilize to drive green energy.