15 December 2021

Yahoo Finance!: $65 Billion of Gifts at Stake in Holiday Supply Chain

More than $65 billion worth of holiday gifts are at stake as the supply chain crisis continues to delay shipments of goods all over the world, according to the latest analysis from Quincus, a leading global provider of AI-driven supply chain optimization technology, and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), the global economics think tank.

Quincus and Cebr measured the value of goods in the global economy across three categories – clothes, consumer electronics, and toys – the sectors that account for the majority of holiday gifts.

The research shows that the value of gifts in the global holiday supply chain is forecast to be worth $65.1 billion this year. With current global supply chain uncertainty, businesses have no knowledge of whether those gifts will arrive in time or remain in limbo, creating great economic uncertainty in place of the expected seasonal cheer.

The data also show that the current global supply chain log jam has caused the expected value of gifts shipped for the holidays in 2021 to fall slightly compared with the same gifts in the same period last year. This finding indicates that the hold-ups are already having a real dampening effect on the global economy.

“With $65 billion worth of gifts locked up in this global supply chain it is clear there is a lot at stake,” says Katherina Lacey, Quincus co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “The fact that we are not seeing the increase that we would expect indicates that the global supply chain crisis is having a cooling effect on the global economy at a crucial time.”

Nina Skero, Cebr Chief Executive, added, “Our research highlights the ongoing supply-side disruption the global economy faces, a key macroeconomic theme throughout much of the pandemic. As the global economic recovery continues, supply chains are expected to face additional pressure as businesses attempt to satisfy increasing demand levels.”

To find out more read the full report: The Global Holiday Supply Chain, How Much is at Stake?

About Quincus:

Quincus is a leading global provider of AI-driven supply chain optimization technology, improving the lives of every business and every customer on earth, one delivery at a time.

Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Savoir and Katherina Lacey, Quincus is an enterprise SaaS platform that fundamentally improves logistics for any company that delivers from global manufacturers, e-commerce providers, and consumer goods companies to airlines, freight carriers, and last-mile couriers.

The global supply chain touches every business on earth. By developing the right technology, Quincus can connect them all to create a seamless and boundless chain of communication to fundamentally improve the lives of billions of customers.

Quincus employs a configurable and modular technology that enables our clients to automate manual tasks, maximize resources across supply chains, and build business resilience. The combination of flexibility, seamless integration, and robust data intelligence provides real-time supply chain visibility and control, helping our clients save time, save resources and improve the lives of their customers.

Quincus is headquartered in Singapore with a global presence in the USACanada, the UK, IndonesiaMalaysiaMexicoTaiwanVietnam, and the UAE.

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