10 June 2020

Hellenic Shipping News: Quincus launches Contactless solutions to bypass Covid-19 logistics challenges

Quincus, a leading digital logistics solutions platform has announced the launch of its Contactless solutions to overcome logistics health challenges and frictions created by Covid-19.

Global supply chains are stretched thin from Covid-19 and its ripple effects. Time-honoured techniques for moving packages are no longer best practice and keeping workers and customers safe is now top priority. Unless businesses can keep their goods moving, fewer packages will ship, severely impacting revenues and liquidity.

To help companies manage this novel threat, Quincus has developed Contactless solutions to keep the supply chain moving. It reduces social contact, parcel touchpoints, sequencing, and bottlenecking, and enables fully paperless document and cash exchange. It also provides real-time visibility, automated reporting, and remote control.

Contact tracing has become society’s preferred tool to prevent transmission of Covid-19. Quincus’ Contactless solutions can do the same for parcels and packages; tracing its precise route and identifying any person who has interacted with it at every step of its journey.

Within Contactless solutions, Quincus has developed its Contactless electronic signature that comes with every benefit of a traditional signature but none of its risks. With the Contactless electronic signature, customers can use a picture as proof of delivery.

The Contactless solutions include unique automated drop-off options to minimise social contact while cutting walk-in queues. Documents or devices will be a remnant of history as Quincus’ Contactless solutions will support secure and verified paperless confirmation and receipts through platforms that include its very own mobile application.

The supply chain has long needed an effective system to provide real-time visibility. The Quincus Control Tower offers precise parcel tracking ability and enables much needed transparency. It also allows users to easily configure their interface and clearly visualise their supply chain’s operations.

Katherina Lacey, Quincus Chief Product Officer and Co-founder said, “Several scientific studies have indicated that Covid-19 and related coronaviruses can exist for substantial periods on materials commonly used for packaging or transportation. Companies still trying to deal with manual processes and spreadsheets to mitigate these risks will find it almost impossible to provide staff and partners with the safety and peace of mind they need. Quincus’s Contactless solutions solves this. It keeps people—and parcels—in the supply chain safe from drop off to delivery.”

Jonathan Savoir, Quincus Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder added, “Without efficient and effective supply chains, vital goods are unable to flow through distribution networks to those who need them most. Now is the time to introduce technologies that can keep logistics workers and customers safe, and supply chains moving. Our Contactless solutions minimises the risks of infection spread to keep people healthy, and reduces reliance on limited resources to ensure that operations remain profitable.”

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