5 March 2021

Toolbox: International Women’s Day: 5 Most Powerful Women in Logistics

Katherina-Olivia Lacey, Co-founder, Quincus

Katherina-Olivia Lacey is the co-founder and chief product officer at the Singapore-based logistics technology company Quincus. She holds an MBA (marketing) degree from Lynn University.

Lacey had modest beginnings. She worked with a swimwear company, where she managed the inventory and marketing. During her stint at the company, she saw inefficiencies within the industry and was determined to solve them. Before founding Quincus, she was a venture partner of Zeroth.ai, where she was appreciated for her advice and mentorship. Prior to that, Katherina was a marketing researcher associate at INSEAD.

Today, Quincus’ clientele includes a global package delivery company and an airline company. It has increased its turnover by more than 1,000 percent due to Lacey’s contribution. Quincus has offices in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East, and the U.K. Within Quincus, Lacey has spearheaded Women@Quincus, a mentorship group designed to foster teamwork and mentorship among women employees.

Lacey is originally from Bolivia and has a diverse life history. Right from quitting her job to starting her own business, her life throws light on what women can contribute to logistics.

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