16 January 2020

Silicon Canal: 8 coolest female-led tech startups in London slaying it in 2020

The European startup ecosystem is diverse and has achieved many impossible feats. However, women in technology have not got the same level of recognition as men. But in the recent years, with many women racing up to show their talent in the tech sector, this gender gap is gradually fading away.

As there are not many women entrepreneurs in the tech sector, the ones who exist are highly honoured and celebrated for their hard work. They strive hard to lift up the spirit of the aspirational women in the community to take part in the progress and make their dreams come to reality.

We made the list based on Tech Nation and Dealroom’s latest report and also handpicked few ourselves. Do let us know if we are missing someone really cool and should be part of the list.

Picture credits: Quincus


Founders: Jonathan Savoir, Katherina-Oliver Lacey
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: Quincus was founded with the intention to resolve the most complex issues that exist in the logistics industry. Its data intelligence platform along with Enterprise APIs lets ground providers, airlines, and port operators maintain visibility over the logistics inflows and outflows. Furthermore, the company uses artificially intelligence supply chain optimisation and geo-mapping for real-time visibility, data, and operation.

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