10 February 2022

ESEVEL: The Top Remote Work Companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) Hiring For Work-From-Home Jobs in 2022

We are pleased to present a list of companies that have realized the benefits of remote and hybrid work, and are hiring for work-from-home jobs in the Asia-Pacific region.

The pandemic has forced a sea change in the way that companies regard remote work. Today, both remote and hybrid work have become standard practice, and this trend is only likely to accelerate as companies figure out both the support and structure needed to make remote work productive.

If you are interested in remote work from home jobs, we invite you to take a look at our list of the best remote companies to work for:


Quincus is an enterprise SaaS platform with a global presence, that helps solve logistics problems for logistics providers, e-commerce, airlines, freight, and household brands worldwide. Their highly configurable and modular technology allows companies to automate manual tasks, maximize resources across supply chains, and build business resilience to thrive.


Flexible work locations (remote or work from home options), flexible hours, wellness initiatives, incentives for wellness programs, insurance plans, employee training, stipends for certifications and employee development, sponsored travel to industry conferences, gym membership reimbursement, unlimited annual leave, transportation allowance, meal allowance

“The greatest thing about working at Quincus is the people that we get to work with every day. You always see these motivation posts on LinkedIn about choosing your boss/coworkers, etc. but you only realize how accurate it is when you are surrounded by amazing people. We do not work with technology or systems, but with people. And I know we have the right people all around the company to make things happen and succeed together.”

Olivier Adam, Chief Revenue Officer

Distributed work locations: Singapore, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan

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