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The Power of Automation: Unleashing the Full Potential of Logistics through Artificial Intelligence

Written by Christophe Pennetier

From automation to real-time insights, explore how AI is reshaping logistics, empowering companies to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.


Navigating through the Chinese New Year with Quincus
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Experience a seamless transition into the Year of the Dragon with Quincus! Explore our innovative solutions ensuring timely deliveries and sustainability, making this Chinese New Year unforgettable.
Unlocking the Mind of Christophe Pennetier: A Journey into AI and Logistics
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Unlock the future of logistics with Christophe Pennetier, Chief AI & Optimization Scientist at Quincus. Delve into the synergy of AI and logistics, sustainability, and the evolving landscape of supply chain management.
A Deeper Dive into the Multi-Modal Logistics Revolution
Written by Christophe Pennetier

Explore Quincus AI's Multi-Modal Logistics Revolution, covering optimized shipment lanes, enhanced forecast accuracy, and pillars of stability minimizing component shortages. Discover the adaptable logistics framework designed for market fluctuations.
The Impact of Regulatory Compliance on the Logistics Industry
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Explore the transformative impact of regulatory compliance in logistics, from data privacy to environmental sustainability. Discover how Quincus' innovative solutions streamline processes and reduce non-compliance risks.
A courier wearing a lime green jacket, shorts, and a watermelon helmet, rides a yellow courier bike hauling several packages in a small city during daytime
Q-commerce: Trend wave or here to stay? 
Q-commerce is an evolution from traditional brick-and-mortar and e-commerce models. As e-commerce has changed the playing field for shopping, Q-commerce goes a step further to optimize transactions and delivery times. 
A white delivery van with its back door open, exposing stacked boxes, parked next to a brown brick building
Geocoding and why address verification matters for e-commerce
Using technology to translate, correct, verify and pinpoint delivery addresses doesn’t just reduce the burden on drivers–it is a stepping stone to truly optimized last-mile delivery.