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The Power of Automation: Unleashing the Full Potential of Logistics through Artificial Intelligence

Written by Christophe Pennetier

From automation to real-time insights, explore how AI is reshaping logistics, empowering companies to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.


Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions: Quincus’ Innovative Solutions
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Explore how Quincus leverages AI and Machine Learning to fortify global supply chains against cyber threats, environmental crises, and network disruptions, ensuring operational resilience and innovation.
Unlocking the Mind of Christophe Pennetier: A Journey into AI and Logistics
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Unlock the future of logistics with Christophe Pennetier, Chief AI & Optimization Scientist at Quincus. Delve into the synergy of AI and logistics, sustainability, and the evolving landscape of supply chain management.
Quincus Advanced Segment Journey: Enhance your Logistics Experience with Unparalleled Flexibility
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Revolutionizing logistics with AI-driven adaptability and the power of journey-segmented shipment planning at Quincus.
A green delivery van courier vehicle drives on a highway through a green forest
The AI-driven path to sustainable logistics: A new paradigm in logistics
Part four of our sustainability series in which we explore how AI, machine learning, and more work toward the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
Gearing Up for the Next Supply Chain Disruption
With companies still feeling the aftershocks of the global supply chain disruptions of 2020-2021, it is time for them to ensure they are ready for the next one when it hits.
Cross-Border and the Middle Mile: How Supply Chain Technology Helps
By leveraging digitalization and data for capacity optimization and faster customs clearance, supply chain technology can do for cross-border shipping what it does for the middle mile.