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The Power of Automation: Unleashing the Full Potential of Logistics through Artificial Intelligence

Written by Christophe Pennetier

From automation to real-time insights, explore how AI is reshaping logistics, empowering companies to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.


Unlocking the Mind of Christophe Pennetier: A Journey into AI and Logistics
Written by Quincus Editorial Team

Unlock the future of logistics with Christophe Pennetier, Chief AI & Optimization Scientist at Quincus. Delve into the synergy of AI and logistics, sustainability, and the evolving landscape of supply chain management.
An aerial view of a complex highway system surrounded by greenery
The AI-driven path toward sustainable logistics: The impact of optimization
This is part two of our sustainable logistics series from Quincus AI. Here, we'll explore optimization from verifying addresses and improving routing to cutting costs and errors.
A white transport truck drives on an open highway, surrounded by green fields, forests, hills, and a blue sky
The AI-driven path to sustainable logistics
Welcome to part one of our sustainability series. Here are some challenges of fast delivery expectations and how sustainable logistics technology will solve them. 
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Can electric vehicle supply chains survive?
As global warming effects become harder to ignore, countries are turning to more environmentally friendly alternatives to combat climate change. One effort involves conservation in the use of fossil fuels.  
Creating a Green Supply Chain
As global awareness of decarbonization grows, supply chain technology is your key to creating a logistics operation that is both greener and more cost-effective.
Supply chain: Going green brings opportunities
High costs of sustainable practices often deter businesses, but green supply chain opens up even more opportunities when done the right way.