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The power of design thinking

“We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave.”  ― Donald A. Norman, Living with Complexity
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¿Estoy maximizando mi capacidad? 
Con el crecimiento exponencial de la logística y la transportación multimodal dentro de la primera, media y última milla a nivel global, crecen también los costos y la gran necesidad de optimización dentro de la cadena de distribución.  
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Online orders, grocery delivery, and other “new normals” 
The COVID-19 pandemic caught the population by surprise, no one was ready for a global disruption to movements and day-to-day life. As the pandemic rolls on, every aspect of our lives has changed, including the way we fulfil their needs and how we shop. 
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Q-commerce: Trend wave or here to stay? 
Q-commerce is an evolution from traditional brick-and-mortar and e-commerce models. As e-commerce has changed the playing field for shopping, Q-commerce goes a step further to optimize transactions and delivery times. 
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The AI-driven path to sustainable logistics
Welcome to part one of our sustainability series. Here are some challenges of fast delivery expectations and how sustainable logistics technology will solve them. 
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Can electric vehicle supply chains survive?
As global warming effects become harder to ignore, countries are turning to more environmentally friendly alternatives to combat climate change. One effort involves conservation in the use of fossil fuels.  
The Last-Mile Impact on Customer Satisfaction in Asia
Customer satisfaction with deliveries in Asia remains low, offering excellent opportunities to retailers and shippers who can optimize their last-mile experience.