AI orchestration for digital Supply Chain operations

Leverage Real-Time Logistics Data on a Unified Platform to empower a Productive Workforce, boost Efficiency, and ensure Cost-Effective shipments and workflows.

Digital Supply Chain Orchestration

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Shipment Efficiency

Complex logistics demand advanced solutions. Quincus’s Multi-Modal Engine (MME) optimizes shipment allocation across diverse networks, exceeding static methods.

  • Our system processes billions of shipments, offering dynamic, real-time supply chain insights and actively resolving delays, weather events, or disruptions.
  • Utilizing Quincus’s MME automates facility and shipment connections, streamlining operations to reduce manual errors and cut fuel costs while ensuring accurate deliveries.
  • Our algorithms prioritize key business metrics like delivery time, carbon emissions, and costs, optimizing shipment lanes across multiple nodes in real time, ultimately enhancing supply chain accuracy.

Shipment Lifecycle Transparency

Gain collaborative end-to-end visibility through a real-time control tower view, enabling you to navigate your operational data, encompassing day-to-day activities across your ecosystem and partners, all within one centralized location.

  • Enforce transparency via milestone activity tracking incorporating accountability, geotagging, and time stamps for improved accuracy and precision.
  • Foster consistent decision-making and scheduling across all stakeholders involved, resulting in streamlined and efficient logistics operations and cross-platform data.
  • Enhance your brand’s strength with a seamless omnichannel customer experience that boosts satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalable API Integration Solutions

Accelerate your connections and improve communication by using our API. Easily integrate and streamline communication across multiple channels, connecting with your customers, partners, or internal teams for seamless data sharing.

  • Save valuable time and resources with quick and efficient implementations.
  • Enhance your capabilities and operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating with third-party systems, including WMS, ERP, TMS, and more.
  • Easily comply with external and internal criteria, ensuring smooth operations and compliant operations that drive success.

Industries we serve

Empower Your Network: Stay Ahead with AI-Powered Solutions, Ready for the Unforeseen.

Seamlessly Connect Your Global Operations.

Enable standardized data access across operational facilities, vendors, partners, distributors, and customers via

one global digital network.

Orchestrate and Manage

Automate data flow between vendors, customers, and stakeholders, creating the foundation for fast scaling, efficient communications, and accurate planning.

  • House every data point in a single collaborative platform.
  • Provide everyone, everywhere, with access to the same data in real-time.
  • Visualize end-to-end goods flow across your entire supply chain.
  • Reduce manual interventions with streamlined processes and communication.
  • Enable quicker responses to changing situations with data-driven insights.

More Data, More Visibility

Achieve higher accuracy, lower costs, and reduced manual work by implementing automated data-sharing coordination.

  • Optimize your workflow by seamlessly integrating our APIs with your existing vendor platforms, boosting operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Harness real-time data capture, ensuring your information is always up-to-date and making informed decisions based on the latest insights.
  • Simplify the implementation process to reduce complexity, save time, and enhance operational agility.
  • Enhance visibility, providing a comprehensive view of your data and processes, empowering better and data-driven decision-making.

Streamlined Multi-Modal Operations

Maximize supply chain efficiency with our AI-powered multi-modal logistics solution, improving flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

  • Optimize each supply chain leg with the most efficient transportation mode.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your entire supply chain activity across facilities, partners, and transport modes for well-informed decision-making.
  • Mitigate risks, including delays, capacity constraints, and natural disasters, by diversifying transport modes.
  • Expand your customer base, access new markets, and foster business growth through multiple transportation modes.
  • Ensure compliance by automatically selecting shipping services that align shipment criteria, resulting in reduced. Errors and minimized delays.

Case studies

Postal companies face significant challenges in digitizing operations while balancing environmental impact.

Quincus’ AI solutions prioritize time, cost, and eco-efficiency under specific Service Level Agreements and constraints.

Our Route Optimization and Geocoding technology align routing with sustainability goals, meeting predefined benchmarks by minimizing fuel consumption for pickups and drop-offs and adhering to eco-friendly criteria. The Quincus AI consistently assesses the most optimal routes in the background for each segment of your shipment across the lifecycle and in alignment with the set efficiency parameters.


fewer resources
more stops per driver
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Cargo airlines face visibility challenges caused by disconnected supply chain networks, leading to increased operational costs and data management complexities across various transportation modes.

Quincus provides a solution enabling users to establish shipment lanes across their network and collaborate with their transportation vendors using our Multi-Modal Engine.

Our AI/ML-powered technology facilitates automated and optimal route planning, considering cost, time, and the environment. This approach drives significant savings, enhances Service Level efficiency, and includes a control tower for complete end-to-end visibility tracking.

more accurate addresses
fewer resources
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Managing diverse distribution facilities across different countries poses unique challenges in the food and beverage industry, especially concerning visibility and timely deliveries.

Quincus’ platform equips businesses to swiftly respond to unexpected changes impacting inventory, crucial for perishable goods. With Quincus you can intervene, replan, and manage in advance. Our AI-driven solution enables dynamic adjustments for each shipment’s journey, ensuring freshness, compliance, and efficient transportation throughout the food supply chain.

more deliveries per hour
fewer fleet management resources
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Outdated network and disparate pricing data had hindered insights and collaboration within manufacturing operations. Quincus synchronized and integrated master data for production and supply chain management for improved decision-making across the network.

With Quincus’ intervention, internal and external systems were linked, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes. This facilitated agile adjustments, significantly enhancing supply chain efficiency and manufacturing workflows.

more delivery activity
fewer resources
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