QUINCUS Technology
  • The LogisticsEngine

    The Quincus LogisticsEngine is a powerful end-to-end solution providing real-time optimisation for your logistics network—from vehicles to drivers and packages.

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  • The GeoEngine

    The Quincus GeoEngine is capable of accurately geocoding 1.2 billion worldwide addresses across 120 regions and in 50 languages.

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  • Hardware agnostic

    Adaptable and flexible, our technology fully utilises available resources and can run on standard Linux or any other system.


    Communication is enabled with REST APIs and can be quickly set up using multiple configurations.

  • Sustainable

    Designed to be intuitive, our smart technology keeps abreast of industry developments, ensuring it always stays current.


    Each element is individually deployed to make our system singularly supple.


    Each module is adaptable to unique goals and requirements.