Remove complexity

Shipment Processing

Manage all of your shipments end-to-end. Cancel, return, allocate, and consolidate everything in real time. Proactively manage your shipments with real-time sorting schedules and machines, and instantly intervene when necessary. Keep your processes moving by alerting the right user to take the next action.


Measure and improve hub performance

With access to granular data on what goes on in your hub, it is easy to zoom in on problematic processes and take corrective actions.

Proactively manage situations

Being able to see real-time data and make changes that apply instantly, you can intervene before a problem occurs.

Prevent package loss

Knowing where your parcels are all times and who handled them allows you to better keep tabs on your packages.

Lower operating costs for your hub

Automation and quick scanning helps your workers work faster, reducing the need for overtime hours and additional headcount.



Create and manage shipment milestones to track parcel shipments or floor activity from start to finish. Milestones can be updated through scanning or activity completion.

Milestones notifications

Keep your customers in the loop. Create templates for emails and SMSes to be sent at different milestones.

Cancellations and returns

Set up pre-defined cancellation and return rules based on user or parcel types. Manage and configure them to apply across all milestones.


Scan and automatically sort allocated packages to the correct driver using our Quincus mobile sorter app or a fast scanner.

Unlock your cost savings

A productive hub is the key to a profitable logistics operation—and real-time data and automation are at its heart. Let us show you how we can drive cost reduction for your business.

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