Technology Platforms

Our technology platforms are the building blocks that form our holistic end-to-end solution. 

Together, they enhance the supply chain in three key ways: digitisation, accountability, and optimisation.


Operating platform

This is where our system interfaces with the users and helps them solve problems on the ground. It allows users to give inputs, make adjustments, receive instructions, and more.

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Algorithm platform

This is what powers our optimisation, verification, correction and analyses to give you the best solution to your supply chain problems. It includes optimisation and geocoding technologies enabled by machine learning, predictive algorithms, and more.

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Data platform

Real-time data from user inputs and APIs are stored here, ready to be analysed and optimised. With more than 80 publicly available APIs, developers all over the world can easily build their own solutions that work with ours.

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Cloud-based technology that grows with you


With everything running from the cloud, it is easy to scale up or down in tandem with your business growth.


Independently deployable modules allow you to select only those you need. Easily add or remove modules as your needs change.


More than 80 APIs are available for external developers to build solutions that complement and supplement ours.