Eliminate Complexity

When it comes to ground delivery, whether it is postal, courier, express, long-haul, multi-point or point-to-point; how you deliver depends on many variables. Not every solution fits your ground operations.

Improve Operations

Quincus’ ground takes into account over 50+ constraints: from real-time traffic reporting, walking times, lunch breaks, weather to timing factors. Quincus provides you with control and visibility on clients, drivers, and shipments.

  • The Logistic Engine

    The Logistic Engine

    Automates and otpimizes end-to-end supply chains based on operational parameters, driver, asset
    constraints, fleet and shipping attributes, and locational data sent in real-time throughout the day.

  • The GeoEngine

    Address verification and locational technology, which automatically validates and locates customers by correcting and completing addresses to increase delivery and pickup accuracy in markets with limited addressing methods, alleviating missed or returned deliveries.

How Does It Work.

Quincus Ground is able to offer a cost effective solution enabling simpler
communication, traceability and interactions.



    Orders are fulfilled automatically and sent via API or platforms to Quincus in real-time.


  • PORT


    Verifies, completes and corrects addresses with up to 3x more accuracy in complex markets



    Supply Chain

    Starting from a state zero to throughout the day, we optimize the shipments across a spectrum of variables and smart supply chain decisions.



    Drivers and shipment managers automatically receive shipments, turn-by-turn directions for each order; sent directly to the Quincus app or similar.


  • Control Tower Platform

A Control Tower platform is a real-time analytics based hub that offers omni-channel access, data analytics, real-time tracking coupled with notification on-the-go ensuring quick simple communication with drivers while maintaining end-to-end visibility.


With Quincus Ground

Increases in:

  • Capacity utilization
  • Time utilized
  • Distance utilized
  • Vehicle and route visibility
  • Automated Communication

Decreases in:

  • Required Vehicles
  • Cost-per-delivery
  • Cost-per-package
  • Fuel consumption
  • Number of routes