What is Quincus?

We bring your employees, vendors, customers, and hubs together in a shared ecosystem.

The Quincus platform gathers and integrates both internal and external data, allowing all parties in your supply chain to make decisions based on the same data.

Our machine learning technology optimizes your operations to cut down inefficiencies throughout your entire network.

Solutions that simplify operations

Admin Control

Configure operational parameters and business terminologies. Create rules, templates, and announcements to be applied across the platform and sent to various stakeholders.

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Dispatch Management

Streamline local decisions by automating and optimizing multiple shipments, service levels, driver schedules, vehicles, and sorting schedules.

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Order Management

Seamlessly send and manage your orders via API, Bulk Upload, Individual Upload, OCR or through payment provider integration. Generate supportive parcel documents and track your orders in real time.

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Optimize your drivers’ time and reduce address errors by implementing the GeoEngine to correct, verify, and validate addresses automatically.

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Build and automate your operations. Optimize the schedules, routes, and multi-mile allocations of trucks, trains, and aircrafts using point-to-point or mixed models.

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Pricing Engine

Create simple pricing, tariffs, and rules. Add commissions structures for each user—from sales agents and hubs to 3PLs and 4PLs. Build your own discounts through policy configurations.

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Shipment Processing

Know exactly where your shipment is in the supply chain. Integrate external systems to track parcel movement from start to finish. Manage milestones, cancellation rules, and penalties in real time.

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Open API

Our platform works well with your existing vendors. You can deploy our solutions with minimal disruptions to your existing setup.

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Manage your entire supply chain from one place

With 8 modules to choose from, you can create the ideal supply chain ecosystem for your business needs—all on one platform. Let's explore how this can work for your business. We are happy to chat.

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