Priya Pandiyan: Embracing challenges and finding value in supply chain

Our Accountant shares her experiences on advancing financial and operational processes and acquainting herself with industry insights and development in her central role.

Priya Pandiyan: Embracing challenges and finding value in supply chain

You are an Accountant at Quincus. Could you share with us your role and responsibilities? 


I manage our daily financial operations, handling cash flows for our external and internal business transactions, payrolls, and expense claims. I submit invoicing to our clients for usage of our product modules and regularly check with banks to ensure that all transactions are accounted for the whole month. Basically, I handle the money coming in and money going out.  


Towards the end of the month, I work on the payroll to ensure our staff and stakeholders are paid. Once the month has ended, I do the reporting on our profits and overall cash flow.  


What did you do before joining Quincus? 


I majored in Accountancy, and I am currently working towards my CPA (Certified Public Accountant). I was from the media industry—from television networks and mass media companies to advertising agencies. So, my experience was mostly in media, and this is the first time I have moved out of the industry to supply chain and logistics. 


What have you brought to Quincus from previous jobs? 


People management skills—especially when it comes to liaising with our stakeholders. 


Internally, we liaise with our People and Talent Team to provide information or operational needs for the company. As an accountant, I do more than reporting. I play a central role in business operations.  


What would you say is most striking about being in logistics and supply chain, specifically as an accountant? 


What I like about it is that I am finally learning something new. My past companies were all MNCs, and this is the second time I have been with a start-up.  


Within a start-up environment, there can be challenges when circumstances arise. We have flexible processes, and I need to adapt and develop continually and, at the same time, update and educate our employees. Through coping with the challenges of the supply chain industry, being in Quincus makes me agile. 


How do you manage your dynamic role? 


Honestly, I would say I have a good leader. Raelene (Quincus Financial Controller) has been leading and helping me to manage my work. When it gets overwhelming, she steps in to prioritize our tasks or assist me in any way. Another way to cope is to work until late to get things done simultaneously. Overall, I have great support from my manager despite the workload and late hours. 


What do you like about working in Quincus?  


Although accounting is similar in any industry, in Quincus, it is different. For example, we make use of engineering terms—which is entirely new to me. We consult with Jae (Quincus VP of Engineering) or Jonathan (Quincus CEO and Co-founder) on the terminologies and our modules’ functions and processes.  


The post-COVID logistics boom makes our field even more relevant now. I have become a lot more interested and have been learning a lot.  


What is your most fulfilling moment as an accountant in Quincus?  


For me, it would be meeting deadlines. I take pride in ensuring Quincans’ salary and claims are paid on time. Each time, I also must ensure that my reporting is done by the third working day before it goes to the board. It is demanding and stressful but, I enjoy the challenge! And it continues monthly. That’s the life of an accountant.  


Anything else that you would like to add?  


What is interesting about Quincus is that it is not just a logistics company, but it is logistics technology. I am amazed that technology has come this far. 


If you are looking for a challenge and want to learn more, you will find it in Quincus. I am constantly learning every day, like all Quincans.