Remove complexity

Pricing and Costing Engine

Create dynamic, rule-driven calculations to formulate the optimal price. Handle discounts, promotions, and upcharges. Set commission structures to be applied automatically at milestones.


One place to manage all your pricing

No more reconciling different sources of information to determine your prices.

Real-time pricing lets you set prices based on current market situation

Ensure optimum profitability by adjusting your pricing according to real-time supply and demand.

Complex price calculations are a breeze

Easily factor in commissions, promotions, costs, demand, availability, and more into your prices.

Automated pricing and discounts—no manual processes or spreadsheets

Once set, pricing and discounts are applied automatically. You no longer have to maintain spreadsheets or manually check that conditions are fulfilled.



Transform your complex pricing calculations. Deliver accurate pricing to any requesting application or sales channel in milliseconds.

Commissions builder

Build commissions policies to be created and applied based on stakeholders, milestone statuses, or delivery time.


Set up promotions and discounted pricing for specific dates or stakeholders, to be applied automatically at order entry.

Currency exchange

Manage exchange calculations to accommodate customers’ requirements to transact in foreign currencies.


Configure different tax rates to comply with various government tax regulations.

Price your way to maximum profits

Automation allows you to instantaneously adjust your pricing in response to market situations. This way, you are capturing as much profit as you can at any given time.

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