Remove complexity

Pricing Engine

Agile, smart pricing and cost tool that adapts to your needs. See real time prices and costs that incorporate parameters from the entire delivery journey.


One place to manage all your pricing

No more reconciling different sources of information to determine your prices.

Real-time market pricing

Ensure optimum profitability by setting and adjusting your pricing according to real-time supply and demand.

Pricing variables

Easily factor in tax, insurance, commissions, discounts, handling fees, surcharges, after hour fees, parking fees, and custom parameters to find the true cost of transport from pickup to delivery.

Automated pricing- no manual processes or spreadsheets

Once rules and parameters are set, pricing is calculated automatically. No need to maintain spreadsheets or manually check that conditions are fulfilled.

Export pricing information

To your order management system to automate shipment pricing during the order creation.


Simplified pricing

Previously complex, manual pricing calculations can now be calculated in milliseconds. Can be used by internal and external parties to calculate quotes.

Different Pricing types

Accommodates flat rate, percentage and tiered pricing

Cost calculator

Integrated cost tool that takes pricing into account, and scales with your operations and needs.

Commissions builder

Build commissions policies to be created and applied based on stakeholders, milestone statuses, or delivery time.


Set up promotions and discounted pricing for specific dates or stakeholders, to be applied automatically at order entry.

Currency exchange

Manage currency and exchange calculation for operations across the globe.


Configure different tax rates to comply with various government tax regulations.

Policy configuration

Set your custom parameters.


Create custom conditional pricing rules by origin destination.

Price your way to maximum profits

Set smart rules to automatically adjust your pricing in response to market situations to collect more profit. Generate automatic quotes for customers after parameters have been set. See how our Pricing tool automates your internal operations from more transparent pricing to easier internal financial reporting.

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