Remove complexity

Order Management

Create and manage all your orders from your existing workflows: agents, mobile scanning, ERP, API, ad payment providers. Track orders in real-time from start to finish.


Real-time visibility

Digitizing handwritten information instantly allows you to have updated information at your fingertips at all times.

Streamlined order management

Able to handle volume orders accurately and quickly.

Save time by automating manual processes

Scanned packages auto-create order forms. Save time spent on manual tasks (data entry, information transfer between forms).

Reduce human errors

Minimize mistakes by automating your processes. Our AI OCR auto translates and creates

Improve service level and customer satisfaction

Higher productivity and accuracy allow you to serve your customers better.

Supports multiple methods of order creation:

AI, bulk upload, website, offline orders, mobile scanning.


Bulk uploads

Create orders by single orders or bulk orders.

Offline creation

Scanned handwritten labels auto create and populate from our mobile app.

OCR tool

Scanned handwritten labels auto create and populate from our mobile app.

Manage bookings

View, edit, and duplicate your customers’ order bookings seamlessly.


Follow the completion of each milestone associated with your booking order.

Real Time delivery instructions

Customers can change their delivery instructions in real time. They can choose a new delivery destination, add instructions to delivery personnel, and reschedule their delivery time.

Electronic proof of delivery

Capture delivery details and an image of the receiver’s signature without physical contact.

Open API

Fetch all related booking information from existing applications via Algo API.

Streamline your order management in the dashboard to handle volume at scale, accurately and efficiently

Pair with our Pricing and Costing Engine to seamlessly integrate your pricing rules.

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