Remove complexity

Open API

A simple and transparent way to connect and collaborate with existing vendors or a Quincus partner. Choose new vendors, customers, and partners to work together with—all on one platform.


Single source of truth

Now you can see the data housed in separate systems—ERP, WMS, your customers’ platforms—all in one place. No more running different reports from different systems and reconciling them.

Work together—no more silos

Employees, vendors, hubs, and partners can make decisions based on the same data. You can eliminate silos and ensure that decisions are optimized across your supply chain.

Make real-time decisions

Seamless integration means you can make real-time changes to react instantly to rapidly changing market situations.


Order management 

Fetch or send all related booking information via open API from or to existing applications, external customer platforms, internal Point of Sale agents, and more.

Warehouse management systems

Integrate your existing warehouse management systems. Gain real-time visibility of your entire inventory and storage locations.

ERP systems​

Integrate your existing ERP systems to incorporate your existing information into the analyses, optimization, and prediction done on the Quincus platform.

Dispatch management

Integrate with existing parcel sorting systems and drivers. Know where your parcels are at any time, even when they are on the way to be delivered.

Let’s work out a solution for you

We want to understand all your processes and bottlenecks—from first mile to last mile. Together, we will find out where we can drive cost reduction.

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