Quincus LogisticEngine

Quincus LogisticsEngine is built to facilitate and optimize small-scale as well as large-scale logistics operations for both last-mile and trucking companies. By optimizing single or multiple depot networks, point-to-point models as well as mixed models, dependent on operational constraints for cost, time, distance and capacity utilisation.


Optimization is performed on an entire network, dynamically and in real-time. Restructuring route and order allocation by taking into account complete regional map for accurate prediction, the model and allocation system across the network.

With little to no interruptions on ongoing operations, automated route planning occurs on both the internal and external fleet starting from state zero and throughout the day.

How Does It Work

Our team will provide a strategic plan based on existing data, operational and customer parameters to create your Quincus experience to function exactly the way you want it to.

We take into account over 50+ constraints: real-time traffic reporting, walking times, lunch, weather to timing constraints.

  • Improves allocation orders and routing

    Takes into account by taking into account, full mapping of the entire regions to accurately predict, model, and allocation goods across the network.

  • Customized and

    According to all parameters, to improve visibility, transparency, and control over the network.


  • Fast and Adaptable

    Ability to address on the spot delivery re-routes, delivery location adjustments and en-route traffic congestions.

  • Scalable and Fast
    To plug in

    API integration features with third-party services, e-commerce platforms, corporate client suppliers, order creation, payment, status tracking and waybills including ERP systems.

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