Quincus LogisticsEngine

This engine was forged to optimise small and large-scale logistics operations for last-mile and trucking business. The Quincus LogisticsEngine also optimises both single and multiple-depot networks leveraging point-to-point or mixed models. This includes those that depend on operational constraints for cost, time, distance, and capacity utilisation.

With LogisticsEngine, entire networks are dynamically optimised in real-time. Route restructuring and order allocation is achieved through complete regional mapping across the network’s model and allocation systems. The result is accurate prediction that eases your logistics flow.


All this is accomplished with little to no interruption for existing operations, with routes automatically planned for both internal and external fleets from state zero till end of day.

How the Quincus LogisticsEngine works

Based on your unique data—including operational and customer parameters—our team will strategise a plan tailored specifically to achieve
your desired outcomes.

This includes taking more than 50 constraints into account, from real-time traffic reporting to walking times and lunchtimes to weather and timing. We fine-tune your logistics to an ideal fit, so your Quincus experience functions exactly the way you want it to.

  • Improved allocation orders and routing

    The engine considers entire regions, building a comprehensive route to accurately predict, model, and allocate goods across your network.

  • Customised and

    Each parameter is taken into account, improving visibility, transparency, and control within your network.


  • Fast and adaptable

    The engine will register and address any rerouted deliveries, adjusted locations, and real-time traffic congestions.

  • Scalable and easily
    plugged in

    LogisticsEngine comes equipped with API integration features that include third-party services, e-commerce platforms, corporate client suppliers, order creation, payment, status tracking, and waybills (such as ERP systems).

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