The Quincus GeoEngine is a core component of Quincus Ground, Quincus Port, and Quincus Trade. GeoEngine is highly suited to logistics businesses in complex markets, especially those functioning on limited addressing methods and easily misspelled or misidentified addresses.

We locate your customers through extensive internal and external sources along with verification processes that increase address accuracy to expedite deliveries—no matter which market you’re in.

How the Quincus GeoEngine works

Machine-learned on 1.2 billion addresses across the world, the Quincus GeoEngine was designed for speed and accuracy to identify precise addresses. This reduces errors to save time and cost.


    Automated input

    Customers or agents enter freeform text addresses through ERP systems, the control tower platform, or the API.



    Our GeoEngine analyses these addresses for verification, narrowing down GeoCode variation to increase address accuracy.


    Automatic correction

    Any inaccurate addresses are automatically corrected and immediately returned to the customer or agent for verification.

Better with GeoEngine

The Quincus GeoEngine’s geocoding function contains a library of 1.2 billion global addresses from developed and developing markets across 120 regions and in 50 languages. Quincus covers more than 90% of Asia, driving significant improvements in geocoding accuracy.

Increases in:

  • Higher geocoding accuracies
  • Accurate location optimisation
  • Address correction
  • Address completion
  • Customer satisfaction

Decreases in:

  • Address errors
  • False positives
  • Lost packages
  • Delivery errors