Remove complexity

Dispatch ​Management

Manage and control all fleet operations from 1 central database. Dispatchers can manage all vehicles, driver schedules, and service levels, parcels while automating and optimizing bulk shipments. This includes managing in-house and ad-hoc drivers.


Full fleet visibility

Run smoother delivery operations. Eliminate uncertainty over fleet movements and order fulfillment

Real-time status all fleet drivers and packages

From pickup to delivery- whether on the way or delayed.

Route optimization

Automate and visualize route assignments for drivers ahead of time.

Real-time adjustments

Dispatchers can modify fleet and driver assignments instantly. Optimizations are automatically incorporated based on real-time ground conditions to avoid lapses in service.

Track and measure driver and fleet performance

Take corrective actions on underperforming drivers and take note of those who are excelling.

Digitized Systems

The Control panel has digitized the traditional paper-based processes, eliminating mistakes from human error.



Track real-time driver status, location, and safety habits.

Vehicle management

Manage your entire fleet of internal and external vehicles, including availability, vehicle models, and maintenance logs.

Scheduled Dispatches

Monitor all upcoming dispatches in one view. Choose to schedule dispatches in advance or in real time.

Driver Directory

House all personal information for your drivers including scheduling.

Auto dispatch

Deliveries and pickups are automatically assigned to all drivers based on route optimization, delivery time and drivers’ schedules.

Error Management

Instant data verification for fields. Easily make corrections in bulk.

Handle on demand shipments.

Add on demand pickups to drivers already on route, while sticking to the optimized routes.

More accurate delivery time

Get a clearer picture of delivery times by setting milestones. GeoFencing notifies dispatchers when drivers cross/ approach the boundaries.

Access points

Set up access point locations for drivers to pick up, drop off, or exchange parcels.

Driver mobile app

Improve operations


Built in scanner to quickly scan package barcodes and QR codes.

Improve operations

Route Optimization 

Routes are sequenced for drivers based on availability, package destination, operating hours, priority and real-time road conditions. Dispatchers choose sequencing parameters that drivers may override. Run Sheets Receive in real time Receive tasks in sequential order with built in directions, and scheduled pickups. Turn-by-turn navigation.

Improve operations

Real time Notifications

Drivers get notified of new additional pickups or last minute cancellations while en route. Routes automatically get updated.

Improve operations

Contactless solution

Capture delivery details, images, and electronic signatures without physical contact.

Improve operations

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Automate and streamline documentation of deliveries. Automatically updates and sends data back to Dispatcher.

Improve operations

Document capturing

Capture images of documents and parcels to match with the shipment ID.

Improve operations

Shipment list

View all active and historical pickups and details in 1 view.

Improve operations


Drivers can tag each shipment to quickly communicate its status.

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