Remove complexity

Dispatch ​Management

Give your dispatchers the tools to manage and sort packages, vehicles, driver schedules, and service levels while automating and optimizing multiple shipments to streamline local decisions.


Give dispatchers control​

Dispatchers can make the best local decisions and fine-tune as needed.

Adapt to rapid changes by making real-time adjustments

Any modification you make applies almost instantly.

Save time with automation and optimization

Automation helps save time on repetitive and menial tasks, while optimization gives you the most efficient solutions.

Track and measure driver and fleet performance

Take corrective actions on underperforming drivers and reward the best performers.

More accurate digital information

Digitalize paper-based processes to always have the most updated information for decision making.

Real-time visibility of all your packages and drivers

Know that your parcels are safely on their way.


Vehicle management

Add and manage internal and/or external vehicles. Access vehicle maintenance logs and manage fleet scheduling.​

Driver management 

Upload personal information and manage driver scheduling for internal and/or external drivers.


Track real-time driver status, location, and safety habits. Drivers can also receive electronic daily vehicle inspection reports.

Dispatch zones

Manage GeoFencing settings on a digital map and get notified when drivers cross/approach the boundaries.

Access points

Set up access point locations for drivers to pick up, drop off, or exchange parcels.

Auto dispatch

Deliveries and pickups are automatically dispatched to internal and/or external drivers via Quincus app, API, or SDK.

Driver mobile app

Improve operations


Scan different types of barcodes and QR codes or connect existing fast scanners.

Improve operations


Scan and automatically sort allocated packages to the correct driver.

Improve operations

Electronic proof of delivery

Capture delivery details, images, and electronic signatures with no physical contact.

Improve operations

Document capturing

Capture images of documents and parcels to match with the shipment ID.

Improve operations

Shipment list 

View all active and historical shipments and details.

Improve operations


Drivers can tag each shipment with helpful notes based on their on-the-ground knowledge.

Find the best route—every time

Quincus combines powerful geocoding and optimization technologies to bring you the best solution in every situation. Let us help you deliver in the most cost-efficient way.

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