Data Platform

The data platform is a repository where we store all the data our system works with. 

This includes data we obtain from user inputs, as well as data we obtain from external sources via API. At the same time, external parties can also pull data from our platform via API and use it in the solutions they build.



Real-time data

We collect data in real time by making frequent and consistent API calls, both to publicly available databases, as well as Quincus’ own databases. These data cover many areas that may affect the supply chain, such as real-time traffic conditions, aircraft schedules, prices, opening hours, and more.

This way, our algorithm platform can leverage a massive database of real-time information to arrive at optimum solutions that are as realistic as possible.

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Open API

To solve problems as complex as present-day supply chain issues, incorporating data from as many angles as possible is crucial, and collaboration is key.

With more than 80 APIs available to developers, we are ready to collaborate.

We are building an ecosystem where independent developers all over the world can join us in our mission to reduce supply chain inefficiencies.

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Harness the power of data

The amount of data around us is immense, and it will only continue to grow. Are you ready to use all that information to make the best supply chain decisions? We are here to help you get started.

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