Facilitating the cold chain during a pandemic

COVID-19 has claimed over 1.5 million deaths worldwide. The numbers will continue to grow until everyone has access to the vaccine. Countries are moving at incredible speeds to make this happen, but others may not have the resources or infrastructure to handle such a demand.

It is up to us, as players in the supply chain to help each other have access to vaccines and medical equipment.



Transparent communication across supply chain

With our APIs, you can easily integrate our end-to-end technology, enabling seamless communication between Quincus and your existing internal or external systems.

The data captured will provide transparency and open communication while following your parcels and hub activities from land, air, or sea and automatically update all parties involved.


Address correction

Reduce your time and cost trying to reach rural areas. Improve your address accuracy with a reliable correction technology that reads, verifies, and corrects these inaccuracies.

Our GeoEngine offers 30% more reliable addresses than standard geocoders.


End-to-end optimization 

Optimize your movement between factories, storage facilitiesdesignated medical hubs, and consumers using our dispatch tools and LogisticsEngine technology.

As the distribution of the vaccine grows, so are the special precautions on how we transport. Low temperatures are critical, and improper handling can cause damage to some vaccines and products. With Quincus, you can connect sensors to track and monitor temperatures to ensure safe delivery.

A solution without sensors

Our LogisticsEngine takes into consideration over 50 parameters, such as weather and traffic. This helps you prepare for dispatch and delivery while optimizing your operations. 
Quincus fleet management tool can track vehicle maintenance and real-time mapping of vehicle movement to avoid breakdowns or unexpected events that can compromise the vaccines.
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