Algorithm Platform

The algorithm platform is where we analyze, optimize, verify, and correct all data and user inputs to arrive at the most cost-efficient solution. Its two technologies—the GeoEngine and the LogisticsEngine—are both available as modules that can work independently.



The GeoEngine provides latitude and longitude values with up to 97% accuracy. In complex markets with limited addressing methods, our technology is up to 3 times more accurate than other competing geocoding technologies in the market.

This is achieved by using Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and deep learning to leverage a database of two billion addresses covering 120 regions and 50 languages.

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The LogisticsEngine takes into account more than 50 constraints to optimize your end-to-end network. From first mile to last mile, it gives you the best allocation and routing of aircraft, trains, trucks or other vehicles.

It is powered by the latest technologies: Distributed machine learning algorithms, multiagent systems, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and predictive algorithms are a few example

Whether you have a network that uses point-to-point models or mixed models, with a single depot or multiple depots, the LogisticsEngine can optimize it for cost, time, transportation modes, distance, capacity utilization, and more.

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Solve your real-world problems

Realistic problem-solving—especially in complex supply chains—is complicated. It involves optimizing for several criteria and factoring in a multitude of real-world variables. Let us take care of all the technical complexities for you.

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