Remove complexity

Admin Control

Administrators can turn services on and off and configure them according to business operation parameters for teams and individual users in their organization.


Birds’ eye view for better strategic decisions

Have all information available to you in one location, giving you visibility on internal and external movement from all active modules.

Reduce human error

Making all changes in one place means administrators are less likely to make mistakes that may result in audit gaps, such as granting inappropriate permissions.

Better communication across your supply chain

Your administrators can freely configure the terminologies used across all modules to the exact ones that are appropriate for your business.

Consistent policies

By centrally setting rules and creating templates, you can easily ensure that policies are implemented consistently across your network.


Rules management

Set up different rules for each module—cancellation, milestone statuses, delivery handling, and more.

Organization management

Set up and manage different countries, regions, cities, and link them to facilities, vendors, or users.

Communications management

Create and configure your own business vocabulary for communicating with different types of stakeholders.

Template builder

Create or input your own templates, such as shipping labels, airway bills, terms and conditions, and more.

Unify your supply chain

The Admin Control module can be your central hub to organize and distribute data to all stakeholders. Just connect you and your vendors’ APIs.

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